Flooded House? Your Plumbing Systems May Need Service

Bursting or leaking pipes occur in many home plumbing systems.

A pipe failure may be caused by freezing, age or misuse. Unfortunately, since plumbing systems are expected to just keep functioning without regular repairs, you may not know anything about the leak in your plumbing systems until a flood occurs. Then you will have to call on a San Jose plumber who provides 24-hour plumbing service to do emergency leak repair on your plumbing system. But if you take note of the following points about home plumbing systems, you can actually be one step ahead of other homeowners, save a lot of money, and prevent a major flood from occurring in your home.

A faulty or damaged plumbing system can cause a huge loss

A little damage from a leaking pipe or sewer backup can lead to dramatic and extensive damage to your home and your belongings. It goes beyond the repair of the leak or the plumbing system. Water coming from a burst pipe can flow out in torrents and flood your home within a hour, causing damage to wood, furniture, vital documents and electronic appliances. It may compromise your wiring system and heighten the risk of electrocution.
If you are away when the flood occurs, your home could be filled with water at the alarming rate of about 400 liters (about 2 full baths) per hour. Imagine how much water will be in your home after 24 hours! As a result, there will be water infiltration in your walls, floor and other parts of the home. You will need to spend a large sum of money to evacuate the flood water, change your carpeting, repair your walls, deal with mold growth, and repair your damaged plumbing system.

Preventive service will lead to huge savings

The best way to keep your home from getting flooded due to pipe leaks is to ask a professional plumber to do periodic preventive maintenance on your plumbing system. Due to the complexity of modern plumbing systems in cosmopolitan cities like San Jose, it is essential to do a routine check to locate potential leaks and ensure that the pipes are adequately protected.
Periodic plumbing system inspection will allow you to discover minor piping faults that can lead to serious damage and expensive repairs. For instance, if your home is located in a place where the high water table is causing pools of water to form at the basement, we can help you to install a durable sump system that will handle the excess water and put an end to pool water formation or flooding. We also provide emergency repair of pipe leaks, sewer backups and other parts of your plumbing system

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We are fully equipped to provide instant plumbing repairs of all damaged pipes and restore your plumbing system to top working condition in short time.