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Choose Allstar When You Are In Need Of A Plumber In Los Gatos!

The Right Plumbing Help At Affordable Pricing!

Allstar’s Los Gatos plumbers do not cost more than other plumbers, but always deliver excellent work. We also pride ourselves on our focus on fantastic customer service. Our customer service goals are to exude friendliness, helpfulness, and efficiency. Our plumbers also do not shirk their responsibilities when it comes to providing accurate estimates. When an Allstar plumber gives you an estimate, it will include all costs. There are no hidden costs added later. Time, labor, and materials are always included in our prices.

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Another way in which our Los Gatos plumbers serve you is by providing written guarantees. Whether you need help during business hours or after normal business hours, our extremely professional plumbers are available to serve you. Enjoy our signature “60-minute service” when you call Allstar plumbing at 408-282-7020. Six reasons to choose an Allstar plumber are that we offer many opportunities for you to save your money, that we provide on-time and reliable service, that we offer guarantees, our work is of the utmost quality, that we are local and independently owned and that we are honest and straightforward in our pricing.


Hiring plumbers from Allstar will save you money on your project costs. How will you get savings? Through our many promotional programs. You can find these special discounts on our company website. These specials on a Los Gatos plumber are found on the side columns and on the specials page. New, online customers have the opportunity to save 10% on their plumbing work.

You will save even more as a result of hiring one of our plumbers because our work is of the utmost quality. Our plumbers are always very well qualified and have many years of experience. We also enjoy a reputation as being among the best in plumbers throughout the Bay Area. Given this expertise, our work lasts which saves you money over time. You could save several thousand dollars due to the lower incidence of repair and maintenance work needed.


We respond to your request for a plumber in a timely manner. We know that you could have plumbing emergencies at any time and that they need to be addressed right away. In many situations, you may not be able to find a plumber that fits the bill as quickly as you need to get a plumber to your place. Allstar, however, will meet your needs.

Our schedule is flexible and we can send a plumber 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, all year round. In addition to picking up your call during normal business hours, our operator will answer your call after hours. The majority of the time, we can respond to your call for plumbing service within the hour. Our service area is Los Gatos and the rest of the Bay Area. We do, ask, however, that you consider that our staff is smaller during later service hours so it may take a little longer for our plumber to get to your site.


The work that Allstar plumbers do is guaranteed in writing. We are a step above the crowd when it comes to guaranteeing plumbing work in Los Gatos. Quite a few plumbing companies offer warranties, but tend to limit their use. They might have many restrictions on what is valid under the warranty and on what voids the warranty. Some companies do not offer warranties at all. Many of our customers have reported nightmare situations from companies they ordered plumbing service from in the past. These stories include companies who disconnected their phones, who closed up shop shortly after providing service, or who just never seem to answer the phone. Another frustration our customers have told us about is companies that either are unavailable on weekends and holidays or charge an exorbitant fee to respond to emergencies during those off-hour times.

Our 15 years in business speaks for itself. Allstar would no longer be serving you if we had made any of these errors. We continue to maintain our excellent reputation for great work and strong warranties. Our warranties are based on the job you order from us and range from 30 days to the life of the equipment.


Allstar Plumbing has some of the best prices of all the plumbers in Los Gatos and the surrounding area. Our online specials help you add to your savings on plumbing work. Please remember that these promotions are targeted only to our new customers that find us online. That being said, if you do find us online, mention the discount from our site when you reach out to an operator at 408-871-0200. In addition to our great prices, we have top-notch standards that we expect from all our plumbers. We expect this level of service from each plumber whether the work they do is for maintenance, repair, or installation. We know that you will not face disappointment when you hire an Allstar plumber.


The cost we estimate for your plumbing work will not change with the addition of taxes, materials, or extra hours of labor. Nor does the price differ between commercial and residential work. Allstar plumbers are capable of providing any of your requested plumbing jobs. However, no one starts working until you have agreed to it in writing. Customer satisfaction and honoring your time and money are very important to us as a Los Gatos plumbing company.