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Our standards for the work our plumbers do are high, but our prices on a plumber are low. These high standards apply to customer service and to our plumbing work standards. We have extremely high expectations for our plumbers. Allstar plumbers are expected to be friendly to our customers, to offer helpful advice on next steps for plumbing service, and to work swiftly without compromising quality. We prove this in writing with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Allstar plumbers know that their estimates must accurately reflect the cost of the plumbing work to the customers. Each Allstar plumbing estimate must show each cost, including labor, the time it takes the plumber to do the work and the materials that the plumber uses.

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It does not matter what time of day you need a plumber in Newark Ca., we can help. Our “60-minute” service is not to be missed. You will want to give Allstar a call today to experience the high-class service our plumbers provide.  You will save money due to our accurate estimates and our many promotions. You will also have plumbers that are timely in coming to your house and who provide extremely reliable plumbing services. Our guarantees are given in writing, we offer honest pricing on a plumber, and we have exceptional quality to our workmanship. To support a locally and independently owned business that delivers at its quality promise, call Allstar Plumbing at 408-282-7020.


Your project costs are greatly reduced from what you probably expect when you select an Allstar plumber. You might be wondering how our plumbing company can help keep your pocketbook fuller. Our website is filled with a number of promotions on hiring a plumber. The best places to find these discounts on plumbers are the side columns of the website and on the specials page. One such discount is for 10% off our plumbing services.

Additionally, our plumbers’ high-caliber work brings your overall costs down. Our plumbers come with years of experience, along with additional expert qualifications. The name Allstar carries with it the reputation of a first-rate company with expert plumbers. Our Newark Ca. plumbers’ quality work saves you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs over the long term. Call Allstar at 408-282-7020 to order your plumbing service today.


Our plumbers arrive on time and respond to all situations quickly, regardless of the time of day. Our plumbers know just how crucial it is to respond to plumbing emergencies right away. We also understand that there is no predicting what time of day or night it will occur. It can be challenging to find plumbers who are available exactly when you need them.

Our schedule is flexible in order to accommodate the unpredictable nature of the need for a plumber. That schedule allows for service all day long and all week long throughout the year. We have a live operator available at any time to send a Newark Ca. plumber your way. Most of the time that means we can send a plumber to your place within the Bay Area in 60 minutes or less. Don’t forget, however, that our staff is smaller during off-hours, so it could take a bit longer for a plumber to arrive there.


Our company, Allstar Plumbing, has written guarantees for all its Newark Ca. plumbing work. That might not seem unusual, but there are companies who do not offer the same value when it sends a plumber. Even if those other companies have warranties, those warranties are not particularly expansive. In fact, they often have considerable limitations put on their warranties. Those warranties might also have many exclusions or several ways that the warranty will be voided.

We often hear horror stories from customers who have gone with the wrong plumbing company in the past. Some of those stories include companies closing up shop right after delivering plumbing service, phones being disconnected, and phones just ringing away without any answer.

There is another situation that many people have come across when they wish to hire a plumber. Even though it is less problematic financially, it was also a source of frustration for our customers. Most other companies do not offer holiday or weekend service or if they do have it, they charge extra fees. If we did any of these things, there is no way we would have been in business for 15+ years. Our great work and strong warranties are what keep us strong. The length of our warranties varies based on what project you have us do. You could have a 30-day one or a lifetime one.


Allstar Plumbing has some of the best prices available in the Bay Area. We also offer many options for saving money. We have promotions meant for our new customers who found us through an online search. Make sure you tell our operator ho you found us when you call 408-282-7020. We have fantastic pricing and superior workmanship regardless of the type of plumbing work it is.


There is no exclusion in what we put on our estimates. Taxes, labor, and materials are all included. It is also irrelevant to our pricing whether your job is commercial or residential in nature.