Redwood City CA.

Need a Professional Plumber in Redwood City?

Despite the low project costs, Allstar maintains elevated standards on the plumbing work it does. Those elevated standards are also incorporated into our service to our customers. We count on our plumbers to provide excellent and efficient work, be amiable toward the clients, and to counsel those clients in a constructive way. Additionally, we meet our requirements by putting our promise of great plumbing work into a written document. An Allstar plumber is aware of his responsibility to create a valid estimate that is true to all costs associated with the project. Those costs include time, material, and labor.


Allstar plumbers are available to help, regardless of the time of day you need plumbing service. Our very special “60-minute” service is at your disposal when you call Allstar at 408-282-7020. There are many reasons that Allstar is the best fit for your plumbing needs. Six of these reasons are our written guarantee, our dedication to great service, our money-saving promotions, our reliability and record of on-time arrival, honest and straightforward pricing, our high-quality work, and the personalized attention you get from our independent, local business.

 How Hiring Allstar Keeps Your Expenses to a Minimum

Your experiences with other plumbers may have left you with the idea that plumbing costs are very high. However, when you hire an Allstar plumber, our affordable prices will most likely surprise you.  Additionally, there are a number of different promotions that we offer on our website. You can find ways to cut your rate down by looking on the specials page and on the website side columns. One such special is a 10% discount on your service.

The high level of quality found in our plumbing work will be the crux of your opportunity to save. Our plumbers have substantial experience and other impeccable qualifications. Allstar plumbers are equated with first-rate, quality work and high-level expertise. All of these qualities make it so your plumber in Redwood City can greatly reduce the amount of money, up to thousands of dollars, that you will spend on plumbing repair and maintenance. To get a visit from one of our plumbers, please call 408-282-7020.


We respond to your request quickly and arrive on-time for our scheduled appointments. Plumbers at Allstar have a very clear understanding of the importance of responding quickly should a plumbing emergency occur. Furthermore, Allstar plumbers are aware that emergencies don’t necessarily occur during standard business hours. Quite often, finding the exact plumber you need for your specific plumbing issue at the time you need one is challenging. Unlike much of the competition, Allstar will serve your needs exactly when you have them. Our schedule is quite flexible in order to accommodate your needs. Our plumbers are available throughout the day, week, and year.  Not only that, but regardless of when you call us, our operator will answer and send a plumber to your location as quickly as is reasonably possible. That all being said, we request and greatly appreciate your patience when you call after hours. Bear in mind that are staff is smaller at off-hours. Although we are located in Redwood City, we serve all of the Bay Area.


All our plumbing work whether for installation for maintenance, or for repairs, is guaranteed in writing. This may not seem out of the ordinary, but, surprisingly, it is. Although many Redwood City plumbers offer warranties, they often do not go far enough. The warranties may have multiplies ways in which they can be voided or they have have many restrictions placed on them. In some cases, companies don’t offer a warranty.

We’ve heard some doozies about other Redwood City companies over the years. One example we’ve heard tells the tale of companies who closed shortly after completing a project, leaving the client with no recourse when something went wrong. Another story we’ve heard is of companies who have shut off their phones or simply never answered when the phone rang. A different type of frustration any clients have faced when hiring plumbers is when a company has very limited hours, excluding evenings, weekends, and holidays from their schedule. Alternatively, the company offers the service but charges and exorbitantly high fee in the form of a surcharge.


Our low costs start with our great promotions. We also keep our prices low without foregoing attention on the quality we put into our work. The savings we offer are created exclusively for our new clients that came to us through our website. When you call 408-282-7020 to hire an Allstar plumber, make sure you tell us that you found us online.


Nothing is excluded when we draw up plumbing estimates. All costs are listed. These include the cost of materials, taxes, and labor costs. There is no change in price for commercial clients or for residential clients.

Call Allstar today at 408-282-7020 to talk to an Allstar operator about getting an estimate for your plumbing work. We guarantee in writing that you will be satisfied with the work our plumber does at your home or business. Our prices are low, but our quality is superior. We make sure that our estimates are accurate and laid out in detail. The estimates include time, labor, and materials, along with all other project costs.