Santa Clara CA.

Are You Facing A Plumbing Problem In Santa Clara?

Allstar Has The Plumber For You!

In every type of plumbing work we do, we keep our standards high. Better yet, our prices stay low. In addition to strong requirements in our work standards, we have strong requirements in our customer service standards. We put great faith in our plumbers to treat our clients in a friendly and respectful manner, to work speedily and well, and to give our clients valuable advice on how to proceed on a plumbing project. We match the requirements we expect of our plumbers to your expectations of us by giving you written guarantees on all our jobs.

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It doesn’t matter what time you need us, we can help with your Santa Clara plumbing concerns. When you call us at 408-282-7020, you have the opportunity to experience our “60-minute” service.  There are quite a few reasons to pick Allstar when you choose a plumber. Just a few of these are our commitment to serving our customers well, our on-time arrivals and high level of reliability, excellent work ethic and quality, and clear pricing. You also get the unique experience of working with an independently owned and local business.

Hiring Allstar Plumbing Keeps Your Costs Low

You may have had previous experiences with plumbing companies that cost you a pretty penny. Unlike those other companies, Allstar’s prices are kept low. One way to keep the price of hiring a plumber through Allstar low is to take advantage of one of our many promotions. To find some of these promotional opportunities, look on the side columns of our website and on our specials page. One of these specials is for 10% off your plumbing service.

Furthermore, our excellent workmanship is the primary way to save money on our services. We hire plumbers with high-quality skills and experience in the plumbing field.  When people hear the name Allstar, they immediately bring to mind broad know-how and excellence in all the company does. These put together make it possible for you to, in the long run, save a substantial amount of cash (up to several thousand dollars) on a Santa Clara plumber.  These savings come in the form of lowered plumbing maintenance and repair costs. To schedule your appointment, give us a call at 408-282-7020.


When you call us we readily respond and we ensure that our plumbers arrive on time for your appointment. Our plumbers know how important it is to respond to plumbing emergencies as quickly as is possible. They are also cognizant of the fact that the time a plumbing emergency happens is unpredictable. It can be quite a challenge to find the right plumber at the right time, but Allstar can come to the rescue.

We have a very flexible schedule in order to accommodate your requirements. We have plumbers around to serve you all day, all week, and all year. In addition, we will send a plumber as soon as possible when you call our operator. We serve Santa Clara and the rest of the Bay Area. Please keep our smaller after-hours staff in mind when you call us outside of normal business hours. It may take a bit longer than usual to get a plumber to your residence or to your business.


Words are powerful, but they are especially powerful in writing. We make sure that your plumbing guarantee is written. Our guarantees are held to a higher standard than those of many of our competitors. We even have some competitors that don’t offer guarantees at all. There are a number of Santa Clara plumbing businesses that do operate with warranties, but keep those warranties very narrow in their scope. One way in which a company might do that is to have several ways in which the warranty is voided or in describing what is validly covered under the warranty.

We have heard some significant horror stories from our customers in their descriptions of other experiences with plumbing businesses. Some of these nightmares included calling a company only to find out that it is no longer in business, calling a number and discovering it is disconnected, or calling a business and having the phone ring endlessly. Though it is costly in a different way, our customers have also told us about many plumbing service companies who either do not include weekend and holiday service or charge a very high fee to accommodate those off-hour emergency needs.

If we had acted in any of these unprofessional ways, we would not have been in business 15 years and counting. Our reputation stays strong due to our diligence in providing quality work that is backed up by solid warranties. The warranties we offer are based on the job you have done and can be as short as 30 days or as long as the lifetime of the equipment used.

3. You Are In Charge of Your Plumbing Experience

We do not start any plumbing job without your pre-approval, given in writing.  As a company, we strive for excellence in all we do. Our primary commitment is to making sure you are comfortable with how much time a project takes, how much it costs, and that you feel like you have been treated well throughout the process.

When we give you an estimate on a job, we leave nothing out. You will not be blindsided by time, materials cost, or taxes. We also have set plumbing prices regardless of whether the work done is for a commercial job or a residential job. Allstar plumbers are well-equipped to meet all of your plumbing needs. Call us today at 408-282-7020 to speak with a representative.