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Allstar Can Solve Your Saratoga Plumbing Problem!

The Quality and Professionalism You Deserve At Prices You Can Afford!

We place great importance on the quality of our work and our service to our customers. We put great confidence in our plumbers to go above and beyond the level of care you might expect. They know that they are expected to be hospitable to our clients, to work in a timely and efficient manner, and to give courteous and useful guidance on the next steps to take for the successful completion of your plumbing job. Every project our plumbers do comes with a written guarantee. The estimates that our plumbers put together must always include all costs associated with a plumbing project, to include labor, taxes, and materials.

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Our Saratoga plumbing company can serve your needs whenever they arise. An added bonus is that, most of the time, when you make your appointment you will get our signature “60-minute” service. Allstar gives you many reasons to make us your plumbing company of choice. When you call our number, 408-282-7020, you will be treated to fine quality work, to our respect for your time and budget, and our very detailed focus on customer service. Don’t forget that our company is located near Saratoga and is owned independently.


When you hired plumbers in the past, you may have found it quite expensive. However, Allstar is different. We do what we can to keep the prices manageable. One step we take is that we offer several promotions. These promotions are found throughout our Internet site, particularly on the side columns of the site and on our page that is designated for specials. One such special you will find is for 10 percent off of the cost of your plumbing job.

Even beyond the savings you get from our promotions, you will have less impact on your bank account over time when you hire us. The caliber of our workmanship leaves you with less to worry about in maintenance and repairs. You could potentially save thousands of dollars as a result. Our plumbers have substantial experience and high-level skills in the field. We are recognized for our expertise and for our high expectations for each and every Saratoga plumber and other staff member. If you would like to experience this for yourself, make the call today. We can be reached at 408-282-7020.


When you make an appointment with Allstar, you can count on our plumbers to arrive on time and to show you that they are dependable in all manners regarding their work. They know that emergencies can get even worse with time, so they come as quickly as they can. They are also aware that those emergencies do not always happen at a convenient time. Therefore, unlike plumbers at many other businesses, Allstar plumbers have a flexible schedule. They are available whenever you might need them, including weekends, evenings, and holidays. However, please keep in mind that our staff is generally more limited when your emergency occurs during any of those times. Therefore, though we respond as quickly as we can, you may have to wait a bit longer for a plumber during off-hours. Our company serves Saratoga, but also serves the other parts of the Bay Area.


We harness the power of the written word by backing up all our work with written guarantees. Allstar’s guarantees are firmer than those of most other companies in our area of expertise. In some cases, our competitors neglect to offer a guarantee to their customers. A more common scenario is that a Saratoga company offers a guarantee for what its plumber does, but limits the warranty’s coverage. The limitations are written in such a way that allows the company to state a warranty has been voided under several different circumstances. It also might have an extremely short list of what items are covered under that warranty.

Our customers have often relayed terrible stories about hiring a plumber from other companies in the past. We have heard tales of companies closing their doors before completing a job or right after doing a poor job on a project. We have also heard about people calling a company’s phone number only to find it disconnected or to find that it just rings and rings. Though it is less problematic on an ethical and financial level, there is another situation our clients are fed up with experiencing. They have hired plumbers to work during off-hours and have either been told it wasn’t possible or have been charged an extremely high extra fee.

Our professionalism has kept us in business for 15 years and we are still going strong. We do not engage in unethical or unfair practices and we make sure our work is of the utmost quality. We also make sure we tell you that in writing through our guarantees. Our warranties vary based on the job requested and cover the work our plumber does. The coverage could be as short as 30 days or could cover the lifetime of the materials utilized in completing the job.


An Allstar Plumber will not proceed with a project until you are comfortable with it and have said so in writing. Our main focus is on what works for you. We need assurance that you are at ease with how long a project is taking, the price for the project, and how our plumber has treated you as the work is being done. To boot, our prices do not change merely based on whether a project is commercial or residential. We hire only the best, most professional plumbers to serve customers in Saratoga and the rest of the Bay Area. Give us a call at 408-282-7020. You are sure to be glad you did.