Sunnyvale CA.

Your Sunnyvale Home Or Business Deserves a True Professional Plumber!

When we serve your Sunnyvale plumbing needs, we emphasize getting the job done with quality and care. Our plumbers recognize that it is crucial to be kind to our customers, to complete a job with timeliness and efficiency, and to guide our customers to the right path for getting a job done. We also know that you want assurance that your plumbing project has been done well, so we offer a written warranty. We also make sure that an Allstar plumber doesn’t do anything halfway; including putting together an estimate for you. All of our estimates have all costs, materials, taxes, labor, and everything else associated with a plumbing job, included.

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You may have plumbing hassles come up at inconvenient times. This doesn’t mean that our Sunnyvale company can’t help. We keep our schedule very flexible in order to accommodate such emergencies. The majority of the time you call us, we provide you with our well-known assistance in 60 minutes. When you reach out to our plumbers, you will experience our high level of respect for you, your budget, and your time. You also will get excellent work quality. Give us a call at 408-282-7020 in order to take part in having prime plumbing service from Allstar.


Plumbing prices are often sky-high, but Allstar is unique in this regard. We are conscious of people’s budgetary restrictions and do our best to reduce your plumbing costs. One method of helping you to save money on a plumber is that we give discounts on our work through a variety of promotions. You can find these discounts on our site, both on our specials page and on the side bars of the site. One of our most popular specials is a 10% discount on the plumbing service you order.

You also will not have as much of your bank account diminish over time when you hire an Allstar plumber. Our plumbers’ high level of expertise and their strong abilities show in their workmanship. As a result, you are likely to need fewer maintenance and repair jobs done over the years to come.  With fewer incidences of problems down the line, you will need to hire fewer plumbers and will, therefore, potentially save several thousand dollars.


When you hire an Allstar plumber, you get on-time arrivals and work dependability. Allstar plumbers realize that emergencies don’t stop just because it is an inconvenient time or because someone can’t get there quickly enough. Therefore, they speedily address the plumbing issue that you are facing. Our plumbers also maintain a flexible plumbing schedule.

Unlike many other businesses that offer plumbers’ services, Allstar has plumbers on staff that work holidays, weekends, and evenings. Nonetheless, don’t forget that off-hours staff is likely to be smaller and that it will take a little longer to get a plumber to your Sunnyvale or other Bay Area location.


We back up our Sunnyvale plumbing work by giving you a written warranty for each plumbing job we do. The warranties that Allstar offers its clients are a better deal than those that are offered by many other plumbing companies. There are situations in which a competitor does not offer a warranty at all. A more common problem is when a company offers a warranty, but places a considerable number of limitations on it. That type of company might also include a long list of reasons for which a customer will have voided that warranty.

Many of our customers have faced considerable difficulty when hiring other plumbers before finding us. Some challenges include calling a plumbing company to find that the number doesn’t work. The phone either doesn’t get answered or is no longer in service. Another major problem they have run into is not as big of an issue as the others, but is still a significant consideration. Those companies may not offer weekend, evening, and/or holiday hours. Or, if they do offer service during those hours, they charge a premium for it.

Our reputation as a Sunnyvale company that offers professional, high quality work precedes us. It has meant we have been able to stay in business for 15 years and counting. Our business practices are legal, ethical, and fair to the customer. In addition, we back up our quality promises with warranties on any plumbing job you need done. The length of each warranty is dependent on the project our plumber does at your residence or business. The shortest warranties run 30 days while the longest ones run as long as the life of the equipment.


When you hire a plumber from Allstar, you are assured that your project will not start until you have given the go ahead in a written format. We care most about your happiness with our service. Allstar plumbers check to make sure that you are pleased with the length of a plumbing project, the price for that project, and how you have been treated along the way.  Additionally, our prices are consistent between residential and commercial requests. Call us at 408-282-7020 to hire the most professional Sunnyvale plumbers available. You won’t regret hiring a plumber from our company.